Interns@Deakin coordinates a range of internships on campus each trimester within Deakin’s faculties, divisions, research centres, the FreelancingHUB and international offices. ​

In applying for Interns@Deakin you will experience an authentic recruitment process, similar to what external employers conduct. You will build your job search and application skills while receiving personalised feedback along the way. ​

Employers expect you to gain professional work experience during your course and completing an internship is a great opportunity to put theory into practice while you’re studying. The skills and experiences you build in an internship will be extremely valuable for your future career. ​

Interns@Deakin is a competitive program and you need to meet the Baseline Resume Standard in VMock to progress through the first stage of the selection process. Complete your application early to be considered for available internships.


Selection Process


VMock Resume Review

Submit your resume for review in VMock to meet baseline (presentation score of 20+).

Apply Online

Complete the Interns@Deakin online application form uploading your VMock reviewed resume.



We check your application and shortlist applicants who have met baseline in VMock.


When shortlisted, we confirm your eligibility to complete an internship unit with your faculty.


Video Introduction

Complete a video introduction and receive personalised feedback to prepare for interview success.

Supervisor Interview

If a suitable internship is available, we match and invite you to interview with the internship supervisor.


You will be notified if you are successful or unsuccessful in securing an internship through Interns@Deakin. 


If successful, we will notify your faculty so your enrolment in an internship unit can proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions – Students

Please refer to the VMock Resume Review User Guide for further information.

Your internship unit will outline how many hours you need to complete over the trimester but this is usually restricted between 100 – 160 hours. 

The weekly breakdown of hours is negotiable between you and your internship supervisor. There is no specified number of hours that you need to complete per week.

The administrative process relating to your internship unit is run by your faculty.  Each faculty has different requirements and processes. 

If you have any specific queries in relation to WIL units, please contact the WIL team in your respective faculty for further assistance:

Faculty of Arts and Education:

Faculty of Business and Law:

Faculty of Health:

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment:

You must be eligible to complete an internship for credit through a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) internship or placement unit. This is a strict requirement, therefore, we will confirm your eligibility with your faculty during the selection process.

Attend a Your Resume Structure, Format and Presentation Workshop to ensure you’re submitting a strong resume.

At Interns@Deakin we coordinate a range of internships each trimester within Deakin’s faculties, divisions, research centres, the FreelancingHUB and international offices overseas, to provide you with internship opportunities right here at Deakin!

Every trimester the projects are different and we cannot guarantee that there will be one to suit every student.

Examples of projects that previous interns have undertaken include: creating a marketing plan (Communications student), developing social media strategies (Management student), implementing a new database (Information Systems student), administering an internal finance system (Finance student) and event administration (Health Science student).

Internships are a great way of gaining professional work experience prior to searching for a graduate role – this can be done through Interns@Deakin or an external employer.

The Interns@Deakin program allows students to apply for an internship opportunity on campus within Deakin faculties, divisions, research centres, the FreelancingHUB and international offices overseas.  Please note, Interns@Deakin does not coordinate external internships with employers. 

If you are interested in seeking an internship with an external employer (not on campus at Deakin), we recommend you connect with the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) team in your respective faculty or visit the DeakinTALENT Jobs & Internships board to explore other opportunities.

If successful in securing an internship through Interns@Deakin, there may be financial support available to cover travel for regional students and some internships in Geelong (if that is not your home campus).  We will speak to individual successful students if this support can be offered.

Through applying for Interns@Deakin you can nominate to be considered for internship placements with Deakin’s international offices overseas (including India and Sri Lanka).  This is a great opportunity for both international and domestic students to travel and gain global professional work experience which is highly sought after by many employers.  If you indicate interest in international opportunities in your Interns@Deakin application, you will still be considered for internships in Victoria through Interns@Deakin. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Supervisors

After reading the Frequently Asked Questions, please complete the Interns@Deakin – Supervisor Internship Submission Form to submit your internship, or contact us if you have any further questions at

Interns@Deakin is a development program to give students the opportunity to get work experience on campus by completing an internship within a Faculty, Division or Research Centre and increase their employability.

The program runs every trimester and we accept internships based at Deakin campuses.

An intern could support a specific project or assist with day-to-day operations in your area.

Please remember, our students are not experts and cannot be expected to fill a staffing gap within your team. Many applicants do not have any professional or discipline specific experience so Interns@Deakin is a development opportunity for them to develop valuable skills in a professional environment. When interviewing, we encourage you to select a candidate who demonstrates a strong interest in the internship and will fit into your team environment.

The types of internships offered are as broad as the courses we offer at Deakin. Examples of previous projects and the successful candidates include: implementing a new database (Information Systems student), administering an internal finance system (Finance student), event administration (Health Science student), or supporting the creation of a marketing plan (Communications student).

The deadline for Trimester 3 2019 is Sunday 8 September 2019.

We prioritise submissions received prior to the deadline each trimester. While we do our best, we cannot guarantee to fill all internships as, at times, we are unable to source students that are suitable, eligible and interested in undertaking an internship.

Internships can be ‘Paid – Credit Bearing’ or ‘Unpaid – Credit Bearing’. The recommended rate as agreed by Deakin’s Senior Management is at a Casual HEW 3 level. However, if this is not possible, the Casual Hew 1 or 2 level is acceptable. This is to support students who may give up their paid casual work to undertake the internship. Please refer to the HRD’s website for information on Casual Salary Rates

If you are unable to offer a Paid Internship, you may consider offering a small stipend in place of payment (e.g. money on student’s Deakin Card to cover travel and meal costs).

As a strict requirement of Interns@Deakin, all interns will complete the internship as a unit for credit towards their course. For this reason, the timelines for Interns@Deakin are based on trimester dates.

Internships sit within the trimester period as indicated below.

  • Trimester 1 – March to June
  • Trimester 2 – July to October
  • Trimester 3 – November to February

The internship unit will dictate the hours they need to complete over the trimester but this is usually between 100 – 160 hours (any hours over 160 must be paid). The weekly breakdown of hours is negotiable between you and the intern. For example, 1 – 2 days per week over the entire trimester or more days per week over a shorter time period. Please note that international students are restricted by their student visa to work only 40 hours per fortnight.

Yes, but please consider whether your team can provide adequate desk space, equipment and supervision for multiple interns. We recommend only recruiting 1 – 2 interns if this if your first time hosting a student intern.

All candidates must come through the Interns@Deakin application process. Please advise us if you already have a student in mind for the internship so that we can contact them about this process.

Your completion of the online internship submission form is completion of the position description. No further PD is required.

We cover the majority of the administrative work when recruiting your intern. There are however 2 main stages where we need your input:

  1. Selection
  • Your internship submission via our online form
  • Commitment to interview 1 – 4 shortlisted candidates within set timelines
  • Once selected, a few details to finalise the required HR paperwork, including signature, account code etc.
  1. Onboarding
  • You are responsible for the provision and set-up of the interns workstation including a laptop/desktop and building access
  • Complete a local induction on the intern’s first day
  • Provide the intern a tour of workspace, wider office environment and introductions to the team

“For those who want to dive into actual tasks, make real impact and think out of the box, an internship at Deakin University will challenge you and you will feel motivated to work hard, learn new skills and contribute to a great organisation.”

Anannya, eBusiness student

“A working highlight during my placement was comparing the standard of material that I first created to the standard that it developed into, and having that visual representation of how much I had learnt and progressed during my internship.”

Alcyone, Arts student