There is a lot can do to improve your employability while you are complete your degree. By the time you approach your final year of study you need to have built a compelling value proposition for an employer to recruit you or, if you choose to be self-employed, for someone to pay for your services.

  • BUILD your professional identity: Your brand as a professional is defined by your behaviours. Work on becoming the professional you want to become.
  • BUILD your resume: Use every opportunity you have while you study to build your knowledge, skills and experiences and ensure these are captured and articulated in your resume. You cannot fast-track your resume! 
  • BUILD your professional networks: A majority of work opportunities are not formally advertised and instead are found through professional connections. Ensure you have a strong LinkedIn profile and actively build your connections.

The DeakinTALENT programs and services designed to help you with BUILD are listed below – please click through to learn more about each offering.

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Your professional identity, Your professional networks, Your resume

Under Australian Law, unpaid placements/internships are not allowed unless they are for credit towards your course or if it is for a not-for-profit organisation. Faculties also specify the maximum allowable duration for an unpaid placement.  For more information, please see Fair Work Ombudsman – Work Experience & Internships

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