Students Leading Students

Students Leading Students is a career-based, talent development program for students contributing to the Deakin Community through various mentor, ambassador and leadership roles within faculty or division Students Helping Students programs.

The Students Leading Students program will help you to recognise the skills you are developing through experiences in your role, understand how valuable these skills are in the eyes of employers and articulate these skills and experiences clearly, concisely and with confidence when applying for jobs, internships and graduate positions.

In this program you’ll receive individual support to recognise the skills you’ve developed through your individual experiences and increase your awareness of the ever-changing world of work to manage your future career and build lifelong networks with other students long the way.


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Program Value

Recognise your skills

Recognise the skills you’re developing in your mentor, ambassador or leader role, from communication to collaboration and creativity.  Reflect on your achievements and the challenges you’ve overcome through your experiences.

Understand the value

Understand the value of the skills you’re developing through these experiences in the eyes of employers. Increase your awareness of the highly dynamic and ever-changing world of work and employer expectations.

Articulate with confidence

Articulate your mentor, ambassador or leader skills, achievements, challenges and experiences in conversations, applications and interviews clearly and concisely.  Communicate with confidence when applying for jobs, internships and graduate positions.

Student Testimonials

“The best thing this program has done for me, is give me an informed opinion on how best to market myself.  This has given me the confidence I needed to put my foot in the door, and give myself an edge over other candidates.”

Harry, Business student

“I was given comprehensive critical analysis of my current resume, Linkedin profile and interview technique. I was transformed from a blissfully unaware student into a job seeker with direction, efficiency and the ability showcase skills with the conviction required to succeed.”

Nick, Business & Law student

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