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DeakinTALENT’s mission is to connect students directly with a broad range of prospective employers from across sectors throughout their course, to learn about companies, roles and careers open to them, develop professional networks and identify and cultivate prospective employers. DeakinTALENT Connect is our social-business platform that bridges the gap between you and our students and graduates at no cost to you or them. And we are proud that it is the first one in the sector.

Deakin prides itself on being at the forefront of digital innovation and we understand what it takes for you to connect with students in the modern world. An integral part of our digital advancement was to modernise and streamline the graduate employment and careers arena.

DeakinTALENT Connect is an innovative and intuitive digital platform that allows employers to build their brand, hand-pick talent and engage with students more efficiently and effectively than ever before. It is always ‘open for business’ so you can connect directly with students in particular disciplines or sectors whenever suits you. You can review students’ profiles and consider them for future recruitment or shortlist them for immediate hire.

By having an organisation profile on DeakinTALENT Connect you are ensuring that the students you are targeting know that you are an organisation to research, follow your developments and opportunities and to approach for graduate roles.

For minimal effort, your organisation can create a profile and connect to students within industry and discipline-based communities on the portal. Students can learn about your company and add it to their list of prospective employers once they graduate.

For optimal value-add, your company can run your own employer community to build your brand and a graduate following. The company profile can also be used to promote internships, vacation work and graduate programs directly to targeted student cohorts, and share industry articles within the portal. We will support and facilitate these engagements in every possible way and will also continue to welcome employers on campus.

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