Deakin International Student Careers

Deakin International Student Careers (DISC) is a program created specifically for international students to enhance your career education, marketability and employment outcomes in Australia and beyond.

We run workshops each trimester and provide resources and support to help you understand the Australian employment market and Australian workplace culture, build your experience, write a strong resume and prepare for your graduate job search, either in Australia or internationally.  At these events you’ll hear current students and graduates share their experiences, challenges and success stories about securing jobs and internships while living, working and studying in Australia.  

By joining DISC, you’ll join a community of students from all over the world and develop lifelong friendships and networks.


Understanding the Australian Workplace

Build your understanding of the Australian workplace and expectations of Australian employers and understand how things are different from your home country. Current students will also share their stories and invaluable tips and tricks on the Australian workplace.


Graduating Soon? Your Job Search

Understand the broad range of careers opportunities available across various organisations and the importance of planning to implement an effective graduate job search. Recent graduates will provide advice from their own experiences on preparing for recruitment.


Student Testimonials

“I have attended a couple of DISC events and all have proven invaluable in their own way. One event (301 Workshop) was an eye-opening experience as I came to know about SME’s and opportunities in regional areas, which I was not aware of. I am now working on focusing on those sectors in my job search.”

Hansini, Health Student
Dheer, graduate

“All international students should get involved in the DISC Program as it will help them get an overall understanding of the Australian workplace and job search. Having experienced professionals review my resume and sharing valuable feedback has certainly increased my confidence in my job search.”

Jeny, Information Systems student

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