Career Success Workshops

Career Success Workshops provide you with personalised, hands-on support throughout your career journey and recruitment process. 

We run presentations and workshops to assist you in planning your career, creating a LinkedIn profile and networking effectively, developing a strong resume and online application, preparing for interview success and understanding assessment centres.

Our presenters are career coaches and recruitment consultants with extensive experience in agencies and large national and global organisations so we provide relevant, up-to-date practical advice about what employers are looking for!

The career success workshops will support you through your career & help you to confidently apply for jobs, internships & graduate roles.


Planning a 21st Century Career

Build your understanding of career planning, why it’s important, when to begin and how to develop and manage your career successfully. Through career planning you will gain a greater understanding of yourself, explore career opportunities and alternatives, develop goal setting techniques and create your own action plan.

Getting Started: Finding Casual Work and Internships

Learn how to search for casual work and internships, what opportunities are available and where to find them. Develop an understanding of the importance of transferable skills, why employers find them valuable and how to build them through various experiences, including casual work and internships.

Personal Branding & Networking Essentials

Build your understanding of personal branding, why it’s important, the hidden job market and how to create and maintain your network on-line and in person. Develop a personal brand statement, learn how to communicate it consistently and build a strong LinkedIn profile to stand out from the crowd.

Coming into Final Year... Now What?!

Learn how to identify your interests, values, motivators and skills to develop a wish-list of employers or industries you would like to work in. Understand the application documents you need to have ready and the steps you can take to make yourself more marketable to employers.

Resume and Application 101: Structure & Format

Receive personalised, hands-on support to develop a strong cover letter, resume and online application for jobs, internships and graduate positions. Learn how to structure and format your resume effectively, tailor your application content and avoid common mistakes in your documents to ensure your application stands out.

Interviewing 101: Getting Ready

Build your understanding of interviews, how to prepare effectively and follow-up appropriately, various interview formats and different types of questions and what employers are looking for. Develop techniques to structure your interview responses effectively, manage your nerves during an interview process and deal with tricky interview questions

Understanding Assessment Centres

Build your understanding of assessment centres, why employers use them, different types of assessments used and what employers are looking for. Learn how to demonstrate your skills in group and individual assessments, techniques to manage your nerves and how best to prepare yourself for upcoming assessment centres.